zaterdag 27 mei 2017

Turkish Food in Lutenblag

Lutenblag, the Molvanian capital, offers every kind of food imaginable (and then some non-imaginable)!

Whether you have a craving for pizza, pasta or guts, you can be sure to find a restaurant, trattoria or garbage bin to satisfy your needs.

Recently Lutenblag has been swamped with "Turkish-style" eateries. All staff wears turbands and big moustaches, and the food is just as colourful and sweaty as the waiters.

Some Turkish specialities are well-known to the seasoned traveller: Döner Kebap, Sis Kebap and Kebap Kebap.

But others have been "molvanizised" and taste differently than the traditional Döner.

For example the Döner Tabak: This Döner comes with a juicy stuffing of tobacco leaves, and 12 other secret ingredients, of which nicotine, tar and ammoniak are the most secretive of them all.

Another favourite with addicts is the Izgara Köfte, which are cigarillos stuffed with meatballs in a mint sauce. If you are adventurous, you can ask for the Izgara Ogien Uwaga Köfte. This variation is drenched in Strumz (parsnip vodka) and can be lit like a real cigar. Not for the faint-hearted or those with beard, moustache or eyebrows.

And according to The Lonely Planet guide, Lahmacun is made of real lama, but we have our doubts.

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