zondag 14 mei 2017

South Molvanian Swimming Rules

Going for a swim in one of the many beautiful lakes of Molvania is an adventure you will not easily forget. Apart from the usual precautions (Sunblocker Factor 85, anti-shark repellant, chlorine tablets, G-string,...) you should also follow the strict Molvanian Swimming Rules, which are valid in public swimming pools, in rivers, lakes, creeks, fjords, puddles and most private bathrooms.

translated they go as follows (note the triple negative which is a typical Molvanian grammatical challenge):

"it is mostly not strictly authorized to not go for bathing on unsupervised areas of aquatical fun & frolics. Should you not refrain from not following this advice, you may not be surprised when apprehended by the local police force who will not continue to not beat you and put you in a cell with a criminal of their choice"

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