dinsdag 16 mei 2017

Otziplotz Tapioca Fields

A picture of the famous Otziplotz Tapioca Fields.

Molvania is one of the biggest producers of tapioca (dried cassava roots) in Eastern Europe. In one year Molvania collects enough tapioca to feed a whole village for a week! This may not seem a lot, but we LOVE tapioca. Tapioca soup, tapioca desserts, even tapioca cocktails are highly demanded.

In the background you can see the factory that dries and extracts the tapioca from the cassava or manioc roots.

The Molvanian tapioca fields is one of the wonders of modern Europe. There were many who though wet and cold Molvania was insane to try and base their economy on a tropical plant. Well I guess Molvania has shown their critics whose the insane ones!

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